Yes, YOU. After all, you're here about changing your job/career/life, right? 

Don't worry, if you want to know more about me, you can go above and click on that link. But I really want to talk about you. Seriously. Chances are you're looking for a resume writer because you're fed up with your job, situation, or just need any job. You may also be feeling any (or all) of these things:

  • You're sick of your career. You thought life would be more than ... this. Believe me, I get that! 
  • You aren't sure exactly what you want, but you're frustrated enough to try to figure it out. 
  • Maybe you know exactly where you want to go, but just don't know how to get your resume to say what you need it to. 
  • Or you're a college student or recent grad who just spent a lot on school only to face the whole wide world of an unknown job market. 

I get it. I've been there.

But I'm also here to help. I specialize in helping clients in career transition write resumes that talk about how their past careers have prepared them for their future self. It's tough, but it's a puzzle I love to put together. I also help recent grads apply their internships, course projects, and volunteer gigs into a 'real job' resume.

To me, writing a resume is more than just putting your career on a nice piece of paper. It's summarizing your career in a way that is succinct, focused, but more importantly ... it's a summary of you and your unique brilliance. What do you bring to the team that they can't live without?  

See How We Will Work Together! 

If you're interested in seeing just how my resume-writing process work, click on the button below to learn about my Signature Blueprint.