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HIRED Job Search Course | Resume Writing & LinkedIn Profiles

I am a proud distributor of HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search Course, a Pearson Workforce Education online, job-search training program. This course is a very robust, seven-module, self-paced program that takes job seekers through a rigorous program to learn how be an effective job seeker. If you are looking for a complete training program that teaches you how to make rapid progress in your job search, look no further!

Module 1: Soul Search Before the Job

Use assessments to uncover your natural talents

This first module is perfect for career changers! In it, participants will explore the various types of assessments available for job seekers during a transition. This module is packed with info on how to ‘find your way,’ if you don’t know what you want to do, but know you don’t want to do what you’re doing!!

Module 2: Your Career Marketing Documents

Create a resume that resonates with target employers.

The second module is tailor-made for you if you’ve been sending out resumes but are not hearing back from your target audience. In this module, we will explore the science behind building your resume (including key ‘anatomy’ for all of you biology majors), and provide you with a tutorial in how to get past the electronic eye of the applicant tracking system. You’ll learn to create a polished and powerful career summary, a bulleted accomplishment that gets attention, and a cover letter that makes it insanely easy for a recruiter to ascertain your value in 10 seconds or less.

Module 3: The Hidden Job Market

Uncover where the real jobs are and how to position yourself for them.

In this lesson, you’ll learn why you must immediately start limiting your time spent applying to jobs online and, instead, focus on targeting companies. This lesson is jam-packed with power tools and concepts to help you structure your networking efforts, measure the quality of your contacts, and make HUGE progress in your search. (Job seekers say this module alone is worth the price of the course!) You will also learn how strategic volunteering can help make you an insider in your chosen field.

Module 4: Communicating with Your Network

Cold call, email, and pitch with success

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your network. In this module, you’ll discover how to perfect your pitch, send emails that get read with greater frequency, and cold call with confidence. Bonus! In this lesson, you’ll receive done-for-you scripts to help you master any cold call, regardless of who picks up – voicemail, administrative assistant, or hiring manager herself!

Module 5: Job Search Resources

Learn to use headhunters and staffing firms to your advantage

In this lesson, we’ll tackle research … how to research industries, companies, and people of importance in your search. You’ll learn how and when to work with recruiters (headhunters) in your search and what to do when you’re ready to reach out!

Module 6: Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Understand how to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in your job search.

In this lesson, we’ll demystify LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogging for job seekers. But, this isn’t just a social media 101 lesson. We’ll also teach you how to manage what’s already out there about you online, proactively generate the right content, and boost your most relevant branded content to the top so it’s easy to locate when recruiters search for you. (Which 90% or more of the time, they will!)

Module 7: Ace Your Interview and Negotiate Like a Pro

Think like a consultant in the interview and negotiate like a pro

IN this less, you will learn about strategies for before, during, and after the interview. Case study interviews. Panel interviews. Stress interviews (oh my!!). You will learn how to prepare for an interview and how to follow up after one with confidence and savvy. Also, as a bonus, you’ll learn to apply a sales approach to interview follow up that will leave hiring managers impressed and inspired! Lastly, learn key salary negotiation tricks that can add thousands of dollars to your final salary, without jeopardizing your relationship with the hiring team!

HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search is only $397 when purchased through RVP Career Services.
(Regularly priced at $497).


Note: Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your access code for HIRED!”