My Story


I talk a little bit about myself on my (not surprisingly) About Me page. But I thought I'd get a little more personal in this post today, as a lot of my story has to do with what I bring to my business.

I'd entered the corporate world as one does, right after college. I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but I also wasn't exactly sure that this 'corporate thing' was for me. Sure, I wanted to dress professionally and stroll down the streets of Chicago wearing a perfectly tailored J. Crew suit, but the actual 9-5 bit? Yeah, I wasn't too sure about that. 

Ten years and a move to Seattle later, you've got me quitting my job and moving to Ireland. Yeah, quite the change! But my story, after taking a long hard look at it, had this written in it for a while... it was bound to happen, and 2013 was just as good a time as any. I decided that my love of adventure and travel was greater than my desire for a consistent salary and health benefits (that's the millennial in me coming out, I guess). 

But this didn't come from nowhere -- I'd been working with a great career/transitions coach (please do check Jon's work out at and through my work with him, it became clear that a move to Ireland was inevitable. I took the plunge in January 2014 and I've been traveling ever since. 

You're asking now 'but what does this have to do about resume writing?' Well, a lot actually. I wrote my first client resume out of desperation. As a freelance writer (to fund my travel addiction), I was taking any job that came my way... including an email from Jon about writing a resume for one of his clients. I said yes, then asked myself 'okay, how do I write a resume for someone else?' And before I knew it, I found a calling.

I loved helping this client work out her job history, pull out the things she was passionate about, and piece it together in a cohesive document to get her a job. And two years later, I'm still hooked. 

I'm now a member of two Resume Writing associations (CDI and NRWA) and am continually learning more and more about what it takes to get my clients into an interview at their dream jobs. 

So, where do I live now? I still live in Ireland, a country that quickly has become a perfect home base for my business. Funny enough, 99% of my clients are American and live in the States. The time change often means I take client calls late at night, or early in the morning. My clients enjoy working with me, even if it's not face to face or in person. In fact, some prefer it! 

If you'd like to know any more about my story and how I got where I am, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

Are you surprised how you ended up with the career you have? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your story!