Resume Writing Ticks & Tricks #2 :: Using a Resume Templates

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This is the second installment of my Ticks & Tricks Resume Writing Series -- here I’ll discuss a Tick that will cause any hiring manager (or professional resume writer) to tick when they see it on a resume.

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Tick: Use a Resume Template

It’s okay -- I know you’ve done it. You’ve googled ‘best resume templates,’ clicked Images, picked the one that looked the best and either bought it or copied it into Word. Or maybe you added the year into your search ‘best resume templates 2017’ to make sure you’re getting the hottest trends for the year.

You may have gone to the resume templates in Microsoft Word even. You just needed anything to get started.

I get it. We’re all looking for a jumping off point … or dare I say, a shortcut?

So, what are you to do? If you can’t use a resume template, how else can you get started??

Why is this a 'tick'? Truth be told, templates are boring and can be seen from a mile away. Resumes can have ‘Microsoft Word Resume Template’ written all over them. 

Using a template means you either can't be bothered, or are boring. 

And I'm sure you're neither of those things! 

Here’s the resume writing trick:  

Trick: Format Your Resume to Your Career (not the other way around)

Just like your career hasn’t followed a template, neither should your resume. Your career is specific to you -- and your resume should show that. Your resume format needs to be targeted not only to your career narrative, but also to the job you’re applying for.

Different fields allow for different resume formats. Creative fields are more welcoming to a layout that is contemporary and trendy; whereas financial fields tend to like more traditional. Your resume format should vary based on your industry.

By specifically targeting your resume to a specific job and even hiring a resume writer to help you format your resume specifically to you will help you stand out above the crowd (many of whom are using a template!).

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