Is It Time for an Executive Resume Refresh or an Executive Resume Rewrite?

If you’re contemplating an executive job change, you know it’s time to take a look at your resume again. However, do you need a full resume rewrite or will a refresh suffice? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make the best decision possible for your situation: 

  • An executive resume writer wrote your last resume.

  • Your resume has been updated within the last year.

  • You haven’t moved positions since your last resume update.

  • You’re applying to a similar role from your last position.

  • You’re staying in the same industry that you’re currently in.

If you answered yes to ALL of the points above, a resume refresh is a good option for you. You’ll most likely be able to go back to the executive resume writer you used previously and get a refresh for much less than your original investment. However, be prepared for the writer to ask you pointed questions in order to make sure she has all the information she needs to make sure a refresh if your best bet. 

Answering no to any of the above questions means it is time for a full executive resume rewrite. If you haven’t updated your resume in more than a year, you’re looking to switch industries, or you’re hoping to climb the ladder, a full resume rewrite can do wonders for your executive job search.  

Regardless of whether you need a refresh or a rewrite, getting the advice of a professional executive resume writer is a great place to start. Their experience and knowledge will help you get started on the right foot as you approach your job search. 

If you'd like a professional’s opinion on what steps you need to take to make sure your executive resume is up to snuff, l encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to learn about my services and client-focused process.