3 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in 2019

Executive LinkedIn Profiles

Since the advent of the digital era, there have been exponential advancements in the way people find new career opportunities, connect with people, grow within an organization and discover new and challenging roles. 

Even though the traditional methods of hiring employees may have changed over the years, there is one common ground that remains the same: building relationships and connecting with people with similar interests is always beneficial.

Networking is important to anyone looking for new opportunities, and within the many social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is the most effective way to grow your network. 

Here are 3 ways in which you can leverage LinkedIn to your advantage in 2019:

1. Engage yourself in professional groups

The key to successful networking lies in building new connections and working towards maintaining the relationships. In order to expand your network, start by joining professional groups. Begin by doing an advanced search to identify professional groups that are relevant to your industry and those that are within your area. 

The next step is to slowly start showing your expertise by engaging in conversations and providing possible solutions and answers to questions that come up. This will increase your chance of connecting with the right people in the organizations that you desire to work in.

Ensure that you participate in active groups. If there is an absence of regular interaction online in the group you’re likely wasting your time.

2. Look for alumni associations with your university

It may have been years since you graduated but when you talk with any alumni, they usually have a soft spot for their alma mater. When you connect with a person on this common ground, they may be willing to connect with you.

Using the Alumni toolis one of the easiest and best ways to leverage the potential of LinkedIn. You can first follow your alumni college and later when you join the group, connect with those alumni who are working at the organizations and companies you are interested in.

3. Create a brand for yourself

LinkedIn is highly effective in marketing yourself as a brand. Similar to a marketing strategy for a product or service, you will have to create a strategy, and then continuously work to build your brand. 

Interacting with other members, commenting on their posts, asking leading questions and posting replies to queries are all great ways to strengthen relationships in your LinkedIn network.

However, it is important that your responses and communication are authentic as well as current. Posting videos on related topics and in your niche, and writing articles that are educational and informative are also great ways of getting your name out there. The more you post and interact with your network, the more you’ll be regarded as an expert and thereby build recognition.

Honing your networking skills both online and offline is an art and requires both time and effort since relationships won’t develop overnight. Approach each individual as a gateway to learning something new and interesting and in turn be willing to share and extend help to the other person.

Regularly making it a point to connect with new people will also ensure that you are abreast with the latest trends in your industry and within companies that interest you. It might just land you your perfect dream job which you might not have discovered otherwise.

LinkedIn was and will remain a powerful platform for professional networking. If you feel your LinkedIn profile is lacking, I can help! Email me at rachel@rvpcareerservices.com to hear about my services.