College Student Resumes & Recent Grad Resumes

As a college student or recent graduate, I think I know what you’re thinking (because I thought it, too!):

You feel you don’t have enough professional experience to hire a someone to write your resume.

As a resume writer specializing in students and recent grads, my job is to piece your experience together - regardless of whether that’s school projects, part-time jobs, or volunteering opportunities. 

There are plenty of resources online to create your own resume.

Your resume is most often the first point of contact with a recruiter or hiring manager. Creating a resume that stands out among the others in the stack is imperative in order to catch the attention of the busy HR department. 

Professional resume writers are too expensive. 

How much money did you spend on your college education? How many hours did you spend in the library getting your degree? Do you want to chance the start of your career on an online template and